The driveway alarm is a device, which acts as a wireless motion detector. This alarm is used to detect the vehicle which is entered into your home. It contains the sensor, and then receivers both are performing simultaneously.

When vehicles which are passed from your driveway, and then receiver helps to collect that information through wireless, and it will inform you, using the alarm. Commonly, three types of sensors are used in this system including passive infrared, rubber hose, and then magnetic probe. Here is a list of the best ones.

1. Mighty mule

This mighty mule is a wireless driveway alarm. The model of this alarm is FM231. It works in an effective way. If someone enters into your driveway, it gives the instant alarm so you can get alerted.

This alarm works with the help of electromagnetic sensor, which is placed in outdoor for detecting the vehicles. This alarm only detects the vehicles not animals or children etc. You can install this alarm very easily. The transmitter connects to the internal base station through wireless as it helps to detect intruders near 400 ft. distance.

You should buy the battery at your own risk. The company will not provide any batteries. It requires the 2AA batteries. Both inside and then outside attachments of the battery indicates you if the battery is less. The cost of this effective alarm is low.

2. Guard line

This alarm works using the wireless systems. It is a good motion detector and alarm indicator. It comes with the long-lasting durability and warranty. You can install this driveway alarm in a second with the help of quick installation guide.

It indicates the loud alarm, and it contains the adjustable volume control, and you can enjoy the thirty types of alarm ringtones. Compared to the other alarm system, the cost of this system is very less, and it is very effective to act.

It detects the long range of vehicle up to 500 ft. It comes with factory fitted battery, so you need not buy it separately and then it contains the extra sensors for complete coverage of your outdoor.

3. Rodann electronics

This wireless driveway alarm can able to detect the longest range of the vehicles. It is the best and effective one to use in your home. It is very convenient to use and mostly it is used for the large buildings. It can able to work up to 500 ft. distances.

The warranty period of this alarm is one year, and then it comes with the 30-day money back system. It works automatically and battery used is 2AA battery, so it gives long life. You don’t need to change the batteries.


The above three driveway alarms are the ones on the market. Compared to the other wired systems, these are all the effective alarm systems, and it helps to control the theft.

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