A lot of people are experiencing the pain of plantar fasciitis nowadays. However, not everyone can understand what causes it, how it affects, how to get rid of it?

Well, it is the pain that many people feel in their heels when they wake up and leave the bed. Now that you knew what it is and you will want to know what the methods to beat it are?

In our opinion, there are the 3 effective ways for you to beat it:

  1. Use podiatrist recommended footwears
  2. Perform specific exercises (stretches) for plantar fasciitis
  3. See a Doctor for sure

The 2 Best Shoes to Wear

As we said above, using the right shoes recommended for your pain is an effective way. Now we are going to share you the two good shoes to buy.

1. Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

The Asics GEL-Tech Walker is a sporty lightweight shoe recommended for plantar fasciitis sufferers. It is designed with a distinctive dual-density midsole which enhances stability and support. It allows movement in multiple planes because of the Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System.

It is perfect for overpronation and neutral pronation foot type. It delivers a flat heel to toe transition, and its extra cushioning delivers long-lasting comfort. It features a Biomorphic Fit Upper helps decrease buckling and irritation. Also, the Ortholite Sockliner feature manages moisture and keeps your feet dry while you wear it.

User Reviews

Customers who buy the GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 are satisfied with it. Looking at the reviews, it is clear that these shoes are best for people going through heel pain who have a hard time enjoying running or long walks. These shoes have provided incredible flexibility, stability, comfort, and style to customers. They feel good and can relax while wearing them.

Final Words

It is the best for long-distance walking because it provides an excellent arch and heel support, which absorbs the shock and consequences of long walks.

2. Brooks Addiction Walker

These shoes aim to make sure that your ankle never twists or buckle. The upper leather of the shoe enhances its look and adds support, which provides more comfort and gives a soft feel. It has added space, which maximizes arch support by balancing your lower arch and assists in keeping your ankle from turning inwards. In this way, it helps you avoid most ankle injuries.

For keeping the ankles well-aligned, Brook’s has included a synthetic sole and MOGO midsole, which provides excellent shock absorption. Moreover, the Hydroflow technology makes the forefoot region very comfortable and eases the movement of the foot.

User Reviews

The Brook’s Addiction Walker is becoming one of the best orthotic walkers, especially for plantar fasciitis sufferers. It has acquired 89% positive reviews up till now, which makes it highly popular among orthotic walkers.

Final Words

It is a well-designed shoe with a slip-resistant sole and vigorous support. It fits well and is comfortable as well as durable. The best thing about Brook’s Addiction Walker is that it has extra cushioning yet possesses plenty of room to accommodate the feet and provide high arch support. That is why while these walkers are on your feet, you will have to do something very outrageous to twist your ankle.

Tips To Buy The Right Shoes

For a much better support and protection, choose a pair of shoes utilizing these guidelines.

1. Heel Support

People with heel pain condition should select a pair of shoes that has a strong heel support. This is due to the fact that soles have a great possibility to collapse when it’s too soft. When a pair of shoes also has too flexible soles, it’s not the perfect shoes for you. It is best to opt for shoes with medium heels, that size range provides firmer soles. The ideal pair of shoes is not too flat but also does not have heels that are way too high so that it will not trigger more pain.

2. Arch Support

Before you buy a pair of shoes for your feet which are suffering from plantar fasciitis, consider first the sole in the arch area. It must be in a straight position and not narrow. A wide surface is also needed for a more comfortable feeling whenever you walk.

3. Space for Orthotics

Among the other things, this is one of the essential things you must know. It is essential that the shoes have ample space to let shoe inserts and particularly orthotics. The only issue is, only a few are selling this kind of shoes thus it is really hard to find one. That is why you have to exert extra effort in finding one.

Bear in mind that you should purchase a pair of shoe that will help you in managing your balance. This guide concerning how to choose ideal shoes for plantar fasciitis will definitely help you with that.

Another tip: As you know, doing stretches can help so why do not apply yoga poses. Check out yoga exercises for plantar fasciitis for more details.