Maybe it’s Magic.

Wednesday Work in Progress Review:

What is underway in the studio this week is floor cloths.

This first one is in an art deco style and will be going into the 43rd Annual Kiwanas Auction.

The second one is a garden fairy themed cloth.   I am not quite happy with how it is coming out so far.  There are parts of it that I love and parts that just are not working for me.  I am quite pleased with the sky in the middle of the cloth surrounded by clouds. I like how you can still see the border frame through the clouds, but it is no longer a floating harsh frame.  What is not working for me is the mix of flowers and the fairy creatures.  I started with some traditional flower stencils and stamps and then deviated from there.   I read an interesting post on a forum about art and how it can be focusing your opinions on things, and it happened to be about magic.  I realized that part of my disconnect with this border may be the balance of representational versus the more stylized art. I was thinking that I might make it work if  I tried to make it reflect  my own opinions on magic.

I am also working on some necklaces and jewelry as well.  I have not added any new fabric designs this week, but was pleased that the street art entry came in 121st.  There were a lot of really good entries. I had been warned that new designers often do not get any votes at all until people start to recognize them.