Day 30.

Pair of Pottery bowls. To purchase visit The Gaslight Gallery. Wrapping it all up.

Friday, November 30, 2012
What has been the hardest part about blogging daily?

I was going to say the hardest part was getting into a routine. Sometimes I post in the morning, Sometimes I am sneaking that post in at the end of the day, but that really wasn’t that hard.

There is the question of what do I post. Do I stick with the basics or do I answer the prompts? Still not that hard, I did both as they suited me.  If I am answering prompts, How do I know what picture to use.  Ah, yes, finding the perfect picture. That is usually the hardest part of blogging for me.  I think, the odd picture of the purple elephant or whatever pops into my mind.

Then I go looking through the files looking for that single shot.  Usually I find something that works or is even better long before I find that perfect picture.  Sometimes I am at a loss for what picture fits the topic. How do you choose a photo to go with the idea of having trouble finding photos?  I cheated. I used a random number generator to choose which directory, which file and which picture.  That came up with a picture with a lighting issue, so I went to the first good one of the same subject.

I like the randomness of it.  These pieces are small pots that at the time of posting are available for purchase at The Gaslight Gallery.

For Nanowrimo, I did not “win” I did however make a slow but steady progress on my story.  I can’t decide if these are excuses or reasons, but the headache from the car accident combined with working a job that did not allow for spending several working hours writing combined to make it more than I could handle. As far as the Art Everyday Challenge, I spent more time on the Nablopomo challenge. Yes, I still tried to work on creating everyday, but that also fell a little by the wayside in favor of PT and family activities. I guess you could say I spent the month exploring my written creativity, but I did not share with the community as much as I liked.

With my youngest heading off to college next year, I seem to be in the drop everything to do what ever with her. Next year she will not be here to distract me, so I will get more done then…

Seriously I enjoy spending time with the family. I am learning to balance what I want to do with spending time with them and working on their projects and needs.




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