Plans for making.

A friend of mine and I were talking about what it takes to make art. Her plan for the coming year is to make sure she starts things.

DSC08904That was my plan for this year, which I did start plenty of new projects. The problem is that many of the pieces never made it to final project stage.  When I create a digital image or photograph, I still have to finish the process by having it printed, mounted,  framed or what ever it takes to get it ready for sale. I have a couple of watercolors that got half way to being ready for sale.

It is my plan to keep up the starting, and increase the finishing.

I am also trying to decide on a format for the blog, which type of feature should I keep and which ones should I let go.   I have already decided that the use of prompts  is something to check carefully.

Prompts have been a cop-out for me, Answer the question and then you are done, but it does not address the journey to creativity that is my focus for this blog.  I know certain things help me with this journey, What would help you with yours?


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