Work in Progress Wednesday

2013-04-22 21.00.06Work continued on these watercolors. I am struggling with the idea of getting back to daily painting.  There is so much going on now.  The gallery is in flux, moving upstairs from our current location.

I am pleased with how these flowers are coming out. It  has been a matter of learning how watercolor reacts at what point in the drying cycle.
2013-04-22 20.59.53On this one, I tried a new color, Opera pink. It is amazing to use. I have struggled to get a good pink in water-color. Opera did the trick.  I am pleased with how the water is in the ocean study is coming. Of course I spent my Saturday on Brenton Beach in New Port Rhode Island taking pictures of the waves, the splash and the swirls on the water.  While I like the rocks in this piece, 2013-04-22 20.59.40I think that I need to spend some time working on creating rock shapes and patterns.

I also attended a Meet Up for Plein Air. I will have to follow-up with more on that in another post.