Work in Progress Wednesday

In my watercolor class, we have laughed about an article that Marie Flahive, our teacher shared with us. The author made a comment something to the effect of  That painting was putting the right amount of pigment on the right brush and putting on the paper at the right time. We laugh because every one of us puts the wrong amount of paint on the wrong brush at the wrong time.

2013-04-29 20.57.39And we learn from it. Some of my greatest successes have come from learning by doing. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that everything we create has to be perfect. This is so far from the truth  that it can’t be said enough. Make mistakes, play, have fun and enjoy it.

On these two watercolors, I was using unfamiliar brushes and paints. I have moved items out of the gallery and my brushes and paints were unloaded from my car at some point.

When I looked at these at the end of class, I was unhappy with how dark part of the water had come out and the unevenness in the leaf where the paint reacted quite differently  to me adding water.  Looking at them as the smaller image here, I am revising my opinion. I like the darks in the water, I am actually planning to go in and make some of the water even darker, using these colors as a mid-tone.  In the thumbnail, the unevenness of the paint reads as texture, so instead of smoothing it out, I may decide to add even more texture. I am still enjoying the opera pink, but finding it a little more challenging directly on the white.