Define Success

SONY DSCAfter seeing yet another Artist mention that they are choosing to read and work through  I’d Rather Be in the Studio by Author and art-marketing consultant Alyson B. Stanfield, of Art Biz Coach, I decided to pick it up and I will be reading and working through it.

According to her website “It focuses on sharing the artwork directly with potential buyers through electronic and traditional communication outlets—in a manner that is comfortable, not artificial. Artists match Internet marketing strategies with sincere personal skills to take charge of their art careers.”  As I am transitioning from putting my efforts into the gallery, it sounded like the perfect book for me.

It occurred to me that I one of the podcasts that I was listening to way back when I first started blogging was hers. She was one of the people who gave me some direction as I started to pursue my art again.  She discontinued the podcast a while back and she dropped out of my attention.

She lists action 1 as “Define sucess.”  I have been thinking of my goal as making a living as an artist, which is altogether too vauge.

Back in 2009, I decided to make the jump to selling on the internet. In a post called Building a Business I made the statement “Yes, I want to be able to sell my creations.  I am too fond of eating to be a starving artist.  This does not change the fact that I still create art for the sake of art, but that is not all I do.”

Since then I have sold my creations, and I have tried to be aware of my goal of making a living as an artist. Alyson has a set of very specific question about what success looks like.  I read the list and had some answers jump out at me, others I just looked at and realised that I had no idea how I would answer that question.  For example,  Published work. I had to stop and ask my self do I even think of that as a sign of success?   When I turned it around, when I see other artist’s work published, do I think of it as a sign of thier sucess?  That question got a clear Yes.

That Yes told me that this book is already good for me, so I am going to make the commitment to work through the book. I do not know yet how much I will be blogging about it, but I do know that I will be changing the format of my weekly WIP updates to include more than what I am working on at the moment.  I plan to have art works in progress, business work in progress and a third category. Three because I like the balance of three when writing. Any thoughts on what would make a good third category? I have a few in mind, but I would like your input.