Work in Progress Wednesday


2013-05-15 07.25.37On the Easel

The works on the left are complete except for a signature and choosing a title. The other two are still very much in progress.

Both the orange tulip and the orchids are from pictures I took at the Smith Bulb Show.


I am quite happy with my version of the tulip,e but the orchids are not working as well for me.

I am enjoying the beach paintings and I am thinking of doing a whole series of wave and spray paintings.

Business Basics.

In addition to working on my paintings, A lot of what is in progress is deciding what directions my business of being an artist needs to go.

There are many different choices, Shows, exhibits, finding a gallery, auction style sales. reprints and cards, etc.  I hope to make this section into a discussion of what I am doing each week to develop my brand and business as an artist.

Not sure what to call this, Filling the Well, perhaps?.

This section is the question mark section. A place for me to discuss what I am learning or studying. I just finished a water-color class and I am reading the book, I’d rather be in the studio.   It will also include visits to shows and openings, different artistic events.  So this week, this is a work in progress its self.

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