Framed #P52BW13

I am participating in Project 52 B&W. It is a weekly themed black and white photography challenge. Currently we are in week 20: Framed. The entire album is on Google+

It is interesting to be working on a project that spans for such a length of time.  It is my first larger body of photography work, that is a series of art works all with a single theme.  My second one was an alphabet series in the month of February.  As I am reworking my artist statement, I am discovering that in my pursuit of uniqueness, I am ending up with a lack of cohesion.

“Why Make Art in Series?” suggests “Decide what you want your body of work to be about, either early on in the series or before you even start. The more specifically you’re able to define, quantify and outline your intentions, the more focused and directed you become, and the more unified the works will ultimately be.”

In looking at the complete alphabet series, I can see that could have tightened it up by restricting pictures to one several categories such as toys and games, around the area, flora and fauna, still life, or if I wanted a truly difficult challenge, self portraits. I have thought about what direction I want to go with the balance of year.  I have viewed the submissions trying to see if I can guess who the photographer is from the image. There are some that I get right away, but most I can’t tell.  My goal is to work towards having that unique point of view that when you see my picture, you know it is mine.


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