Work in Progress Wednesday


On the Easel-  The Pink Orchids

WIPOrchids0513 I am still working on the watercolor of the pink orchids from the Smith Bulb Show.  I have decided to create a series 10 of 8×10 watercolor flower painting based on my photographs of  the flowers from the Smith Show. Tamara Tipton from Faith and Substance had the idea of framing them with the photographs of the same flowers and I am playing with that idea in mind as well.

Business Basics

I am still working through the book, I’d rather be in the studio.  I am going to be working on this for a while. It is full of really great no excuse action points.  Some of these are things I thought I’d been doing, such as “Organize your information.”  As I read through this section, I realized that  each part of my information was in a different place. Sales information, inventory list, contact list, marketing information, materials list. Photographs of my works, news clippings about them.  I suspect that doing this correctly is going to take some time, as it has taken me a number of years to create my collection of art, and getting it organized and listed for sale.  I like that Alyson calls them no excuse action points. I have a number of excuses on why I have never done this. The first is that it is too overwhelming.   I am trying to think of a way to make this creative and fun, not a tedious chore.   I would love to hear how others keep track of their creative works.


I thought of several categories that would fill the third slot on my Wednesday Works in Progress posts, they are all the things I post about from time to time. Things that I need to be thinking about as an artist, but not necessarily every week. A place for the little bits that are not big enough for their own post, but important enough to mention.   Today I was catching up on my back email reading and I read an email from Chris Brogan, who is working on equipping the personal business revolution.  He asks in the email, What is on my flag?  The answer is Growing Unique, of course.

He then said:

Let’s talk through the basics:

* Your flag states what you stand for.
* Your flag is also the ideal you strive towards.
* Your flag isn’t only for you. It’s so others will know why they should gather around you.
* Your flag represents how you serve the world, not your own needs, as such.

Check. Check. Hmm. My flag isn’t only for me.  Right. The whole point of blogging is to share it with others. Why should others gather around me?  I am trying to share all the little bits of my creative journey, to inspire and encourage others to join me in growing unique in a world filled pre-packaged conformity.  There is also an aspect of trying to share what I am learning from others like Chris Brogan, on the business side of things because so much of what is out there is about bright colors and finding your inner goddess, not about how to equip yourself to be successful as a creative. Figuring out how to express my desire to help others discover their own uniqueness through creativity and still be able to speak about in even the most conservative lifestyle is on the table for this week.  I recommend that you check out Chris’s newsletter and let him help you equip yourself for your personal business revolution.