Finding Inspiration

On the Easel-

I am still getting back in the swing of things following graduation. I am still working on the watercolor flowers from the Smith Bulb Show.  I am choosing which images I was to use to create a series 10 of 8×10 watercolor flower painting based on my photographs of  the flowers from the Smith Show. I have decided that I like Tamara Tipton from Faith and Substance  of framing them with the photographs of the same flowers, however doing that at even an 8×10 size would result in a large piece after matting, so I am thinking I may do a series of studies in a smaller size.

Business Basics

I am still working through the bookI’d rather be in the studio.  While the gathering and organizing is still underway, I am still trying to think of a way to make gathering and organizing every creative and fun, not a tedious chore.   I would love to hear how others keep track of their creative works.


The sorting and organizing has had some interesting effects, I find myself discovering previous attempts to sort my images into themes or key words, so that a deer in bushes by a tree near water would show up under deer, bushes, trees, water as well as to paint, New Bedford, Zoo, Wildlife.  As I sort I am finding all sorts of new categories that might develop into my next series.

2013-06-12 08.13.03

I was sorting through pictures this morning looking for something to post to one of daily themes that I follow. Somehow the deer shown above just kept popping up. I have several mountain paintings that I have thought about reworking to have something in the foreground. I think this deer …read more
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