Choosing to live a creative life.

2013-06-26 07.44.45Sandburg: “One of the greatest necessities in America is to discover creative solitude.”

In thinking about what has changed that has made it more difficult for me to find time to be creative, the answer is simple, it is the lack of creative solitude.  Life has been busy and full and noisy lately and I have not been making the time for quiet.

While this can mean taking a solo trip to a remote location, it can be much simpler than that. It can be as little as 15 minutes of time tucked into a busy day where you take a break, get away from the TV, the computer, the kids, the family, the cat who meows for attention or what ever else makes noise in your life.

I can hear people saying I am so busy that there is not even 15 minutes I can squeeze into the day.  I hear it because I have said this for years, It is an excuse to keep myself from trying.  In thinking back over the over crowded busy days, I can think of any number of times I could have made different choices. For example, One evening I sat with my daughter and watched 4 episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”.

Creative Solitude would have been a better choice, but also we have to be careful of the hidden messages we are taking in. Two of the main characters in the show Ted and Lily have dreams of creative lifestyles, Architect and Artist respectively. The problem is that throughout the show, they move into a series of almost jobs.  Lily teaches Kindergarten and later works in art sales, and Ted teaches Architecture.

I know it is a comedy show and is supposed to be funny, not a life instruction manual, but taking the time to think and reflect on what we are taking in is critical.  Do we make the easier choice to be close to our dreams, or do we make the harder choices that bring us closer to our dreams.?

So many times the question is not as simple as A or B. For me, there was also the question of spending time with my daughter who has been off at college.  Was watching TV with her the best choice?  I needed some down time, and it was fun and relaxing.  I could have suggested that we do something more active or creative, but that could be taken as there is something wrong with her choice of activity.  In this circumstance, I feel that the best choice would have been to do both.

On the easel

As the picture shows, the pallet is what is on the easel this week. I am preparing to take a trip out to Colorado where I hope to do some plein air painting.





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