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In my backyard

Today I decided to go outside and lay in the grass and stalk my own flowers. In a fit of laziness I …

The no excuses bag

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

The no excuses bagThe hardest part of any activity is getting started.

This is my No Excuses bag. It lives in the back of my car so that I will have no excuse for not going to the gym. It has a set of work out clothes, a swim suit and a towel.
I keep it there for when I forget to pack my gym bag or for those times when I am already out and realize that I have time for a swim or a workout.  I find it easier to decide to swing by the gym when I am sitting in the driver’s seat than when I am sitting at home.
Work, stress and life in general brought me to a creative standstill. The lack of posts is symptom of this complete lack of anything creative.
Work is no longer an issue as I was laid off at the end of March.  I jumped right into a job search and made an effort to get into a routine so it would be easy to keep with it.  I have kept up swimming and it was during one of my swims that it hit me. I can’t blame my not creating on a lack of time, or exhaustion from dealing with the stress of work. I had stopped at the gym on my way job from a job search interview.  I was swimming and thinking and trying to put my finger on what had caused me to come to such a complete stop.  Looking back I can see that it started when I used the time I had set aside for creating to take care of some other chores.
I did this several times and then it was easy to decide to watch some television.
Setting aside time to create every day is my artistic No Excuse Bag.
It helps with the getting started, once I am started things begin to flow.
It is time to start again.  The question is should I sew, or paint, or draw or weave or take up 3D graphic modeling or …. The list of things I want to do is huge and sometimes that can be a stumbling block. I feel like I have 100 bags all packed and ready to go, how do I choose only one?   The quickest way is to close my eyes grab one and go.
I am off to my studio to start something.

→ April 17, 2014

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