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What inspires you?

Inspire Me Monday The background for today’s quote was a pattern created from the colors in the image so-called white from yesterday. …

The Waterfall

Moving away from Automatic

For those who wonder why I am spend more time on G+ than Facebook It is because of the content. No, not …


Define Success

After seeing yet another Artist mention that they are choosing to read and work through  I’d Rather Be in the Studio by Author and …


Work in Progress Wednesday

Layered images and textures is what I have worked with in Photography this week. This is an image that I posted for …

Taking Flight, my first submission to the Light box.

Taking Flight

Or should I say, this is Choosing Carefully part 3?   You might be getting tired of this image by now. I …

Bottles.  Photograph by Rennata Tropeano © 2012  All rights reserved.


What do you consider yourself a “pro” at? What a place to start. For an artist this is a hard question because …