What Kind Of Job Can A Felon Get?

Are you a felony? Are you searching for the job? If yes, then you may know that many offenses find it challenging to get a job and this happens as they apply for the wrong type of jobs and companies. Some companies do not consider felon for a career or job for a particular position. Thus, if you are a felon and you are getting difficult in finding a job than in this article we will discuss what job a felon can get.

Different jobs that felonies can do

Truck driving

There are lots of trucks driving companies that hire the felons for the truck driving job. They hire after determining the type of felony you are as well as the length of time from the time when convicted. This is a very high paying career and holds a serious benefit. Truck drivers earn 800 dollars/ week and this very secure job. Only the limitation of this job is that you will have to stay away from your home for a long time and then you can’t give much time to your family. You can find those companies here.

Construction company

An ex-offender can work in construction companies. Small construction companies have different positions under which you can work. You can talk to the owner as well as show your skills and how worthy you are and apply for this job. When you work in construction field you also learn to trade then you have chances to open your own business afterward.


Felons can work in this field as many small landscape companies can hire the ex-convict to work if you directly talk the owner. This is a perfect career path as you can do it with no training. Even if they deny hiring you, then you can work to cut grasses. Or you can print flyers and distribute them looking at it some people may hire you. If you mow 5 yards per day then in a week you can make $500 if they pay you $15 or $20 for a single yard.


This job is best for felons which can pay you good money. You can easily find fast food restaurants that hire felons. You can also make advancement in this job however it will take some time. Restaurants that may employ felons are subway, burger king, taco bell, etc.

Drilling/oil companies

Small drilling companies keep felons, and if you work here, then you can make good career path as they pay high. The downside is only that it includes hard work and for getting a right job, you will need to live in right area.

So, these are some of the jobs for which a person with a criminal record can apply and make a good career. There are other jobs which an ex-convict can do like newspaper contractor, temp agencies, online career, etc.  All these fields are worthy of the felon. If you want to know or search more jobs for the felon, then you can get it easily online.