Vehicle riding is only the hobby for most of the men and even women also like riding. While driving, it’s can’t able to pick up a call and also can’t able to speak directly to mobile right!! This is where Bluetooth headsets are introduced for you people to enjoy your driving and do multiple tasks such as driving and speaking with someone on mobile. If you are a trucker, this is perfect for you. If you want more, try recommended headsets on truckertalk.

You’re here because you’re ready to buy a wireless headset and we’re going to know about one of the best headsets called as Plantronics M180.

Detailed Review

The features of this headset are explained below in a short manner.

1. Noise cancelling technology

The M180 features dual-mic voice clarity and also reduces the noise to enhance the audio quality for calls. And, you can also send voice commands with this headset.

2. Comfort fit

It has comfortable ear top that ensures the right shape for the ear of both men and women and also provides stable fits for long time wearing.

3. Battery life

The DeepSleep power-saving mode helps you to save battery life of your headset and as well as extended the readiness of headset when you’re left this on your car, desk or anywhere.

4. Easy button

In order to control the voice, there is a button on the headset, so simply touch the button to control the voice.

5. GPS location

If you have missed the headset somewhere else, then no problem, it is easy to detect the missed headset using GPS location. You can get this feature on either your android or iOS device.

6. Lightweight design

This is made with lightweight design, so you can wear it for a long time with an excellent comfort.

Final words

At last, you found an excellent pocket holding headset for your riding from this section right!!

User Reviews

Michael – Sound quality is great. I bought this after the tickets starting adding up for driving while using a cell phone. Do yourself a favor a buy one of these.

Toni – Favorite so far. My favorite blue tooth so far. Responds well to commands. Clear sound. Charges quickly. White is easier to find if I knock it off my ear or put it down. Small size is comfortable.

Paula T. – Comfortable, good performance. Purchased as a gift. Transmits very clearly, the microphone is very sensitive. Comfort is better than previously owned blue tooth headset/ear bud. Considering purchasing for personal use.

If you want to get it, buy it here.